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Panchamukha Ganpati - Panchamukha Vishnu Ganapati Temple is located about 2 Kms from Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan.

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Temple Mahatyam

Visiting the temple of the highly effective Sri Panchamukha Vishnu ganapati is indeed well auguring in all respects. The Hyderabad Sri ganan sai trust Hyderabad is managing this temple with the blessings of Baba. The protecting deity of the Shirdi kshetram is Sri Mahavishnu. The first offerings go to Gnapati. so. after first having paid a visit to Ganapati, one should go to Vishnu Temple. Tradition is to go to first the Panchamukha Ganapati who is an other form of Vishnu himself.

The central deity in this temple is very unique. With the divine conch in the left hand, and the disc in the right, and with Mahalskhmi in the lap, to manifest on teh adisesha is only for Vishnu. Lakshmi joined with Mahalakshmi is receiving Poojas in this temple as Panchamukha Ganapati. The five faces represent Agni the fire, Jala the water, Bhoomi the earth, Vayu the air and Akasha the sky.

Devotees coming to Shirdi come to see teh Samadhi of Sai with many problems and aspirations. Saibaba devotees believe that Panchamukha Ganapati can grant them their wishes. If they tell their requests in the ear of the Mooshika of ganapati who is right opposite the main deity, they are sure that their wishes would surly be fulfilled. Men in the right ear and women in the left should tell only one of their wishes. The matter that is told here must not be divulged to anyone till forty days. It is obligatory to have a darshan of teh Lord once their wishes are fulfilled. It is also auspicious.